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Hydro-Skim Oil Separator

Valiant TMS is committed to the environment and designs systems that promote longer life, less consumable material and overall cleaner operation. The Valiant TMS Hydro-Skim™ is a perfect example. It works to skim water and oil from the top of the wash tank. This top layer which is most contaminated with oils and cleaning solutions is pulled into the Hydro-Skim™ unit. The oil-water mix then flows into the separating tank. The oil floats to the top of the tank and is pushed out for collection and recycling. The oil-free water remains in the lower portion of the tank and is collected and returned to the main tank for further filtration and re-use.

The Hydro-Skim™ is available on all new Valiant TMS washers and can also be integrated into your existing equipment.
Features & Benefits
  • Removes majority of oil from process water prior to filtration, extending filter life.
  • Integrated back-flush operating mode for continuous self-cleaning of the skimmer head and separation tank.


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