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High Pressure Deburring Systems

Valiant has successfully designed and manufactured countless high pressure deburring systems over many years. Our high pressure circuits and tooling can be added to many of Valiant's standard cleaning systems. When chips and burrs need to be removed from manufactured holes, machined edges or cast features, Valiant's proven high pressure deburring systems are up to the task. With pressures up to 10,000 PSI, our systems meet or exceed our customers requirements.

Valiant's latest systems combine high pressure deburring with 6-axis robots defining a much more flexible, efficient and cost-effective cleaning and deburring process.
Features & Benefits
  • Removes burrs from surfaces and features that brush deburring cannot.
  • Ultimate flexibility when combined with 6-axis robot.


Products & Solutions

Welding and Joining Systems
Assembly and Test Systems
Material Handling Automation
Industrial Washers and Deburring Systems
Aerospace Products
Molds and Composites
Fixtures, Tools and Gages
Fabrication and Heavy Machining

Aerospace & Defense
Heavy Equipment
Alternative Energy & Materials
Consumer Products

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