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Cleanliness Evaluation Center

We understand the importance of part cleanliness in today's advanced products, whether it's engines, transmissions or other products where cleanliness prior to final assembly is critical. As a long standing leader in cleaning technology, Valiant TMS is committed to providing our customers with accurate statistics and analysis of their components.

Our on-site cleanliness evaluation center allows us to simulate the process and immediately test the product. This real-time workflow allows us to quickly identify challenging areas and adjust the process to achieve absolute results.
Features & Benefits
  • Component Particulate Analysis
  • Wash Solution Cleanliness Validation
  • Ability to detect particles to 2.5 microns
  • Classification of Metallic, Non-metalic and Fibrous Particles
  • Particle Counting System with a compound microscope
  • ISO 16232 ready.


Products & Solutions

Welding and Joining Systems
Assembly and Test Systems
Material Handling Automation
Industrial Washers and Deburring Systems
Aerospace Products
Molds and Composites
Fixtures, Tools and Gages
Fabrication and Heavy Machining


Aerospace & Defense
Heavy Equipment
Alternative Energy & Materials
Consumer Products

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