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The Valiant TMS Group of Companies to be Acquired by a Chinese consortium

October 20, 2016

Windsor, Ontario, Canada, October 20, 2016
- Solcz Group Inc. has signed a Share Purchase Agreement to sell the Valiant TMS Group of Companies to a Chinese consortium. The transaction is scheduled to close in late 2016, subject to regulatory filings and the identity of the buyer is being held confidential until closing. The value has not been disclosed.

Valiant TMS is a global provider of automated production systems and specialized tooling serving the automotive, aerospace and heavy industry sectors. It provides a wide range of solutions for body-in-white welding and assembly systems, powertrain assembly systems, industrial parts washers and leak test machines, plastic injection and composite tooling, final vehicle assembly systems and various part handling and transport systems.

Founded in 1959 as Valiant Machine & Tool Inc. by Mr. Michael G. Solcz, Valiant TMS is headquartered in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and has expanded its operations to 27 facilities in 15 countries. In 2006, Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions GmbH (“TMS”) in Linz, Austria was acquired by the Valiant Group. Earlier this year, the company launched a global strategy initiative to further align the Valiant and TMS organizations which includes adopting one single brand name for all global operations—Valiant TMS. Hence, the global group is now referred to as the Valiant TMS Group of Companies.

Valiant TMS has built long standing relationships with its customers by delivering a high degree of quality and customer service. It has been recognized with numerous long term contracts and industry awards by major automotive and aerospace original equipment manufacturers.


Mr. Marty Solcz, Chairman, Solcz Group Inc., said “For over 57 years, Valiant TMS has been committed to delivering our customers optimal automation and tooling solutions globally. The resources of the Chinese consortium will assist Valiant TMS to serve our customers in new regions and realize opportunities in expanded sectors in an ever-changing global marketplace.”

“We are excited about being part of the Chinese consortium” said Dr. Stefan Wilden, CEO, Valiant TMS. “It will give our talented team the opportunity and resources to further develop innovations and create more fully integrated and intelligent solutions for our customers. We look forward to working with the consortium teams to grow our expertise and expand our services globally and continue to follow our customers.” Valiant TMS is pleased with the opportunities and synergies that have been presented and will continue to operate under the same management team.

About Valiant TMS

Based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Valiant TMS is a global company powered by people delivering optimal automation solutions for the automotive, aerospace and heavy industry sectors. The company provides integrated production systems including welding systems, assembly systems, parts cleaning systems, material handling systems, leak-testing equipment, hemming systems, plastic and composite forming tools. Valiant TMS has 27 facilities in 15 countries, including Canada, USA, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Germany, India, China, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Brazil and South Africa.

About the Chinese consortium

The Chinese consortium, located in Shanghai, China, primarily consists of Companies and financial partners who share a strategy to become a significant global Company in Industry 4.0 Intelligent Equipment related industries. The consortium will continue to support organic growth and M&A activity – to build on core technologies and competencies of the Valiant TMS group.

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PDF Valiant TMS Press Release 2016-10-20 (PDF - 89 KB)



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