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Testing & Validation Services

Requirements for accuracy, performance and high quality are increasing every day. Valiant TMS provides objective evidence for design and durability of a system to ensure fault-free functionality and to provide proof for conformance with standards and requirements of 3rd party organizations and authorities.

Valiant TMS is using the latest validation methods and well-equipped laboratories or will develop specific testing plans dependent on the material or risk associated with the system or its specifically required functions under certain impacts. As a result, Valiant provides required certificates and detailed reports and documentation.

Sample List of Testing Performed for Various Industries and Applications

    • Finite Element Analysis
    • Ground Contact Pressure Test – Tire Behavior
    • Tangential Adjustment Force Test
    • Rough Ground Effect Test – Tire Behavior
    • Lifting and Tail Support Test
    • Proof Load Test
    • Dynamic Friction Test (Load vs. Stroke)
    • Static Friction Test (Load vs. Stroke)
    • Radial Offset Test
    • Tire Inflation/Deflation Effect Test
    • Steering Angle Test
    • Pivot Point Offset Test
    • Steering Force Test
    • Wind Load Test
    • Drop Test
    • Quick Stop Test
    • Shear Pin Validation
    • Static Pressure Drop Test
    • Nitrogen Circuit Verification
    • Max Down Load Test
    • Tire Deflection Test
    • Pallet Sliding Test under Various Pavement Conditions
    • Component Particulate Analysis
    • Wash Solution Cleanliness Validation - ability to detect particles to 2.5 microns
    • Classification of Metallic, Non-metalic and Fibrous Particles
    • Filtrex Particle Counting System with a compound microscope (ISO 16232 ready).
    • CAM Profile Validation
    • Motor Signature Analysis
    • Life Cycle Endurance Test for Automotive Tooling
    • X-Ray Weld Testing
    • Ultrasonic Weld Testing
    • Proof Load Test on Dummy Engine
    • Proof Load Test on Strong Back
    • Magnetic Particle Test on Welding
    • Roller Hemming Feasibility (robot cell + pivoting anvil)
    • Hemming Test on Coupons to Verify Creeping, Recoil, or Hem Profile depending on Material ageing, pre-strain, stack-up, anvil angle, flanging angle, hold-down force, concave/convex hemline.


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