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Health & Safety Policy

Valiant is committed to conducting its operations, managing its facilities, and manufacturing its products in a manner that responsibly protects human health and safety. This commitment extends to the Company's Team Members, and or others in the workplace including customers, suppliers, third party service providers, placements and guests in all of our locations as well as those whom our operations and our products which may impact. The Company will strive to minimize the health and safety risks to all people and communities in which we operate through effective engineering, manufacturing, and management controls, training, and health and safety awareness programs.


Valiant shall continue to comply with applicable laws, regulations and standards governing workplace health and safety. Additionally, as and when appropriate, the Company will adopt and comply with internal health and safety standards that meet or exceed legislative or regulatory requirements.


Valiant is committed to continuous improvement with respect to health and safety performance and outcomes. To that end, the Leadership at each facility, through planning and managing its facilities, operations, products, and services, established health and safety objectives and targets consistent with this policy and Valiant’s commitment to "Zero " work-related injuries. The Leadership shall review, periodically, these objectives and targets as part of Valiant's commitment to continuous improvement.


Each and every Valiant Team Member, and others in the workplace, has a responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy work environment and to adhere to, support and actively participate in the Company’s health and safety program and initiatives so as to improve performance and minimize risk. This responsibility extends but is not limited to strict adherence to legislative and regulatory requirements and to Valiant’s policies, procedures, work instructions, standards guidelines, rules and practices governing workplace health and safety. The Company shall provide appropriate leadership support, training and tools to achieve and to improve upon this objective and requirement.


A safe and healthy workplace is everyone’s responsibility. It is essential that each person understands the importance of a safe and healthy program that protects human health and safety, continuing to support the Internal Responsibility System within all Valiant facilities and sites.


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